Cooking Classes in Downtown Vancouver

We offer crepe making classes at our Downtown Cafe in heart of Vancouver.

Authentic Crepe-Making Class for 2 includes:

• Coffee & tea upon arrival
• 2 dinner crepes accompanied with 2 glasses of wine
• 1 dessert crepe with coffee or tea
• Deluxe take-home gift basket (1 Georgia Baguette, 1 Russian Rye Bread, 1 Napoléon Cake, and 1 Honey Cake)

($125.00 without Gift basket)

Call 778-839-5711 for Cooking classes reservations. (Mon-Fri 10 am to 6 pm)

The Following are available dates for cooking classes in APRIL:


Cooking classes start at 7 PM.

Please reserve your spot 48 hours prior to date
Limited space per class
Minimum number of people required for class to be held

You spend your whole life learning. You learn to crawl, to talk, to tie your shoes. That’s all fine and good, but how about learning something delicious? Satisfy you thirst for knowledge and your hunger for fine crepes.
People teach you useless skills or information; they often say “knowledge is its own reward.” We prefer knowledge that comes with a rewards like the tasty treats in this deal. At European Breads Bakery, you and your guest will learn how to make crepes the artisanal way, by hand, using all organic ingredients under the expert tutelage of professional bakers with years of experience under their belts. And then regardless of what kind of a student you turn out to be, you will both feast upon a meal packed with crepes, fine wine and warm beverages fit for the king of France. Iif such a person existed, that is.)

And instead of a stupid diploma, you’ll get a deluxe gift basket of fine gourmet bread and cake to take home with you. But even after the basket is empty, you will rest easy knowing that you can now make amazing crepes any time you want, with the knowledge and skills you learned at the European Breads Bakery.Vancouver cooking classes are held Monday through Friday evenings, with some weekends available. Class sizes are limited, so sign up today, and take your first delicious step into a much crepe-ier world.Call today and reserve a spot for our cooking class.