European Breads is built on the following five values that are in the core of everything we do. They are not the standard business concepts but instead the elements that inspire us daily.”

All of our products are made by hand and with great care. We strive to use the most natural and unrefined ingredients. All of these high standards combined with our love for European breads contribute to the quality of our products.

Ancient Recipes
Recipes used to make our breads have been developed hundreds and in some cases thousands of years ago. We are proud to bring you flavors and tastes refined over centuries.

Natural Way
People can be deceived at first bite, but the deception ends with the after taste. We use only the highest quality of natural and organic products and we keep away from any chemicals and additives.

We recognize the importance of having a friendly and lively working environment and we realize that this cannot be created artificially. Being on our staff is like being a part of a family. Everyone is treated with genuine respect and care.

We have taken steps towards sustaining our environment by making breadcrumbs and croutons out of left over baguettes, using recycled paper in our paper bags and by switching to biodegradable plastic in our plastic bags. We make great strides towards eliminating any unnecessary waste in effort to keep our world sustainable for the future generations.